Best sedan cars in India

Best sedan cars in India

Sedan is also known as Saloon and it is one of the most popular categories of cars in India. These are luxurious and very comfortable.  These are stylish and also comes with the best features which will prompt you to go on a long ride. When you consider the performance of a sedan, it is pretty good. It is easy for a sedan driver to whip through city streets and weave in and out of traffic.

Sedan is the best choice for its fuel economy. It has come a long way from the gas guzzling ways of the full-size SUV. The design of the sedan cars provides greater security and the thieves can’t break in and harm the car or take away whatever that is there inside. Most of the people prefer sedan cars for the very reason that it has a trunk. In case of a liftback or hatchback vehicles, the cargo area is visible through the window but the case isn’t same in case of sedan.

The best part about a sedan car is that when you want to load bigger luggage inside the car, you can fold the rear seats and it creates a pass-through from the trunk to the interior. When you consider the seating position of both the crossovers and sedans, the sedans win here. Sedans always have a backseat and having a backseat which is split is always a better option.

When you choose the sedan car for yourself, just enlist all the requirements and expectations that you have from a car. And also, make sure that the car brand is extremely reliable. There are different types of cars available in the automobile market.

Ford Aspire

The price of this amazing sedan car is approximately between Rs 6.2 lakh and Rs 9.63 lakh. It is a compact sedan and is one of the favourites of the Indian automobile market. This sedan is available in 7 colours and it has the fuel efficiency of 25.83km/l with fuel tank capacity of 40 litres and can support 5 people inside.

Toyota Etios Platinum

The price of this sedan is approximately between Rs 7.78 lakh and Rs 10.19 lakh. There are older models of the same Etios even though this model has been designed very well than the older ones. This car is also available in 7 colours and has a fuel efficiency of 23.59km/l.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

This sedan is priced between Rs 8.71 lakh and 13.63 lakh. This car is the first one to introduce the Smart Hybrid Vehicle from Suzuki brand. There are 7 colours available here and the fuel efficiency of the sedan is 28.09km/l.

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