slimTECH Carbon Fiber Wallet 1

Slimtech Wallet

Tired of the usual types of wallets, the bulky ones that create the unnecessary bulge in your pockets? There’s a new type of wallets in town. Slimtech wallet is a name given to a super slim, lightweight and mini wallet that can do more than you expect. And you will love the fact that if the tension rings break within 3 years you will get replacements at no extra cost at all!

Forget the wallets which attract thieves due to their protruding nature and go for the Slimtech wallet. Built using high quality carbon fiber fit enough to go to the outer space, it weighs just 1 oz! It’s thus super strong and can last for some time to come. Unbelievable you may say but this implement can work as both a wallet and card holder. All this will be at the comfort of your pocket as no strain at all will be felt when the wallet is inside.

As compact as it is this wallet can conveniently hold up to 12 types of cards, whether the debit or credit and still maintain shape. On top of that, up to 14 dollar bills can suitably slide into the wallet. And it has a money clip feature to this end. So you can have both actual and plastic money all in one place.

We can safely say that this minimalist wallet can live up to exceeding expectations. It is made of strong material though due to continued use the tension rings tend to break. However, replacements are readily available as long as three years from the date of purchase have not lapsed. With its superb design, you can also be guaranteed of getting numerous compliments too. So for an ultimate and trendy wallet, having one of these is ideal.


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