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Oakley Gearbox Watch

With a prominence in making super cool sunglasses, you will not doubt their fine range of watches. Oakley is that name when it comes to sports gear for the modern man – particularly in motor sports. Well, they engineered a timepiece using stainless steel that looks like a ‘’gearbox’’. A rare beauty in wrist of the beholder. This is an elegant time machine which has Swiss Quartz movement and an analogue display.

Among other cool features, this is a watch that calls out for you to come and get it. The watch is waterproof for up to 330 feet (100 meters) – so you can swim and do other water sports with ease but don’t dive. The coating is also anti reflective thus no glare when exposed to bright lights or the sun. On top of all that it’s incredibly accurate and you will never lose out on keeping time.

There is another special edition of the Oakley gearbox too that is manufactured using titanium. This is equivalent to the strength of steel but weighs 45% less than its counterpart. With a battery that endures for at most 5 years, this is a worthy watch to possess. It’s also glossy and has some of the previously mentioned properties as well.

Talk of comfortability whilst wearing it, you can rest assured that you can put it on for the whole day. It also looks elegant even for the professional men out there. Why not be the man you are supposed to be and look great? For the outdoors and casual men, its rugged look will also blend well with your daily routine. It is indeed a timepiece engineered to be desired. The time is now for the year of the watch, don’t be left out! Do your wrist a favor today.

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