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Matrix Wallet

If you are looking for a wallet that screams Mr. Rugged and perfectly secures your credit cards at the same time, Matrix Wallet is the answer.

Matrix Wallet is a new titanium and carbon fiber wallet that offers simplicity and suaveness all in one.

The wallet was invented in Denmark by knifemaker and industrial designer Jens Anso, who stated in clear terms that the wallet is a keeper as the demand for this wallet far outweighs the supply.

According to Jensen, the first 50 copies he made were sold out instantly, and he received overwhelming feedback from buyers. He said he has plans to collaborate with an America firm so that the wallets can be produced en mass.

This will also make the product more available in the United States. People probably rushed the device because it weighed about 1.75 ounces.

The Matrix wallet is a lightweight carrying option for men looking for a minimalist design. This safe is designed to hold up to 6 credit cards at a go, using an integrated titanium spring.

You can easily remove one of the cards by sliding it out with your thumb. You can also push all of the 6 cards out at once if you want to get a card wedged in between other cards.
The credit card pocket comes in a variation of colors. There’s Jet Black, Royal Blue, Jade green and Signal Orange.

The design is unique and smart, akin to what you see in sci fi movies. You can easily slide it into the back of your pocket and carry on with your day.

It has a sturdy built and is very rugged. The matrix is made with complex materials like titanium and carbon fiber CNC, which are highly tolerable. This is probably why it offers great protection for your stuff.

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