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There is a knife for every conceivable job and situation. While some blades on the market are highly specialized for self-defense or survival, others are more of an everyday carry kind of knife. Such is the case with the Kershaw Cryo, a lovely little folding knife. In this article, we will examine and review the Cryo, to better help you decide whether or not this would be the right knife for you.

The Cryo, as was mentioned up above, is the perfect blade to carry with you every day. Since it is relatively lightweight, small, and a folding knife, it would not be suited for heavy duty tasks such as cutting wood. However, it is the perfect knife to help you complete lots of little jobs during the day.

This blade takes and keeps an edge remarkably well, making it the ideal tool for cutting rope, opening packages, cutting food, or any number of simple, small-scale, cutting jobs that you might come across during your day.

Blade Length and Weight

Overall, the Cryo is on the short side, which you would expect with a folding blade knife. It measures in at 6.5” overall, with a 2.75” blade. It is a bit chunky for its size, weighing in at around 4 ounces. However, as far as a folding everyday kind of knife goes, the Cryo’s size is just about perfect.

Ergonomics and Feel

Though this knife is on the smaller side of things, it still fits well in the hand. There are textured grooves at the top and bottom of the handle, which helps a bit with gripping it. However, if you try to do to heavy duty of a job with the Cryo, you just might experience a bit of slippage. This is due to the mostly smooth texture of the stainless steel which is used to make the handle.

Due to the smaller size of the handle itself, you might have a bit of difficulty gripping it if you have overly large hands or are wearing thick gloves. Plus, since there is no padding for the grip at all, you may notice a bit more hand fatigue if you use it for an extended amount of time.

Opening and Shutting the Blade

Since this is a folding knife, you need to open and shut the blade to use it. This is accomplished by either pushing on the stud on the blade, or with a flipper on the back. The flipper seems to work a bit easier, though both systems will open and shut the knife effectively.

The Cryo has a locking mechanism to keep the blade extended while the knife is in use. This works pretty well, though it might wear down over time if you use the knife heavily.

If you are in the market for a small, easy to use folding blade knife for basic tasks, then the Kershaw Cryo is a sound choice. Though it might cause a bit of hand fatigue if it is used for a long period, it would be a perfect knife to keep on hand for quick cutting jobs.

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