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Goruck Gr0 Backpack

Picture this: you are carrying out your daily routines but not so much divorced from the Special Forces’ gear. Correct, with the Goruck Gr0 you will be having a military style backpack that fits perfectly for everyday use. Just like the military rucks it is made using 1000Denier CORDURA® – what our soldiers of fortune prefer. Termed ‘’the younger brother of the Goruck GR1’’, this is an extremely strong backpack be it for home or work use. Weighing just 2.90 lbs. this tough daily pack can occupy a load of 21L! And it is proudly made in the USA.

Ideal for both men and women with those with a shorter body frame – it fits everybody. With comfortable shoulder straps however the use, it will not let you down. Are you up for adventure, going to the gym, shopping or carrying a laptop? Well, for these and other gazillion uses the Goruck Gr0 is that utility backpack that you need.

The only rule is that do not overload this tough guy though it can occupy much. Only under extreme conditions put in the heavier loads into this weatherproof backpack. With its super tough YKK zippers, you definitely have a utilitarian model that has some great pockets too! All this high performance requires an unbelievable level of maintenance to go with it – minimal.

Though it is one ruck that you will find at the higher end pricewise, it’s worth it. You can easily pack it, bombproof and sturdy. As a tough ruck make sure you put on your jeans or stronger clothing to match with it. Otherwise you might not withstand its robustness! This is truly a backpack that is a survivor in its own right and one that you can depend on for any EDC use.

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