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Best Clipper Oil Trimmers/Clippers

We all need consistent haircuts, well-maintained beards be it a goatee, that loved sideburn or any other type of facial hair, as such your hair clipper or trimmer needs to be taken care of. There is need for the application of a few hair clipper oil drops frequently.

You will agree with me that if you apply just a few drops of clipper oil after each use, you are guaranteed of well-lubricated blades that run smoothly.

But which brand can you go for? Is this clipper oil supposed to be the same brand with the clipper as well?

Be relieved to know that it isn’t a must to match the clipper oil with the hair clipper or trimmer brand! All the major clipper oils are just the same with only a few exceptions on quality, durability and the amount of contents.

However, the overall goal is that the clipper oil should be able to extend the life of your clipper or trimmer.

Most brand new clippers are purchased with the clipper oil as one of the extras in the box, though in a small container. The one that comes along in the box usually is not durable, comes in a fragile packaging that leaks when you do not use it up.

This lubricant is, however, a thin machine oil that can endure high temperatures.

So in view of this, you will need to buy some of the best clipper oil brands on the market.

To help you in this regard, we will begin by getting to know what really is hair clipper oil, what to consider and conclude with reviews of some of the best clipper oil products on the market that you can choose from.

What is hair clipper oil?

Basically, hair clipper oil can be defined as a type of mineral oil that is specially formulated to in the lubrication process of a hair clipper or trimmer.

This oil is particularly used with electric hair clippers and trimmers. Most manufacturers of these hair shaving machines have their own brands of clipper oil.

However, any brand can work on any other brand without causing any problems.

It usually comes when one purchases a hair clipper or trimmer though in small quantities. This thin lubricant comes in a vial that has a dropper tip.

Its main purpose is to reduce the wear and tear of the clipper or trimmer blades for longer use.

Why should you choose the best clipper oil?

Without just looking at the core duty of hair clipper oil of lubrication, there are quite a number of reasons why you should often make use of this valuable product for your hair clipper.

Among other reasons, the following should guide you to consider the act of applying clipper oil frequently:

  • Clipper oil though light and thin can bear high temperatures associated with the hair clipper/trimmer.
  • The clipper blades will be able to cut cleaner thus you can be able to consistently put on well-styled haircuts.
  • Your blades will have a prolonged life span if you adequately oil them.
  • The overall clipper blades functioning will tremendously improve by oiling them well.
  • It is thin enough not to clog thus enables your blades to last longer in an optimum working condition.
  • Your hair clipper or trimmer blades will be rust free as it creates an anti-corrosion layer that is not only thin to fit in but very protective.
  • Can also work as a disinfectant, coolant and cleaner among other necessary uses besides just being a lubricant.
  • Clipper oil serves multi-purposes for the total maintenance of your blades for longer!

You can therefore feel compelled to have your own bottle of clipper oil as you have no reason whatsoever for not properly maintain that hair grooming machine that you have be it a hair trimmer or clipper.


A number of brands have penetrated the market as far as the clipper oil industry is concerned. So in order to be that helping hand as far as making the ultimate choice for the best clipper oil that suits your taste, taking a look at the list that we compiled below might greatly benefit you:

1-Wahl Professional Animal Blade Oil 

From the manufacturers of some of the finest hair clippers and trimmers in the world comes this hardworking product which is a good candidate to be the best clipper oil.

This is mostly known in the animal hair care sector as it extends the life span of the blade. However, it is also used by human beings in our own trimmers and clippers.

Its most known quality is that it acts as both a lubricant and coolant that efficiently sets your clipper or trimmer back to work quickly.

Wahl Professional Animal Blade Oil comes in a 4 oz container is compatible with all Wahl blades. Therefore this is very convenient. You can also find it fascinating that it is easy to apply, you simply perforate and drop just two to three drops on any Wahl clipper or trimmer of your choice. On top of all this, this is a lubricant that comes at the right price too!


Works well for both human and animal clippers reducing heat and friction quickly making the blades give you a much cleaner cut. 


The oil tends to come out fast hence higher chances of over oiling or wastage.


2-Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil 4 oz

best clipper oil

Another product from the reputable manufacturer – Wahl. Put simply this clipper oil is perfectly designed for the maintenance of clipper blades. This is evident in the fact that it effectively lubricates any form of clipper blades even the old and rusty ones too.

Apart from that, this clipper oil greatly reduces dullness in blades by maintain that glow thus guaranteeing durability for your clippers. As far as the shine is concerned, if you apply a few drops whenever you make some haircuts will always add the glow to your hair!

Not to be outdone is the fact that this is a quality oil that can also be used on all Wahl clipper and trimmer blades even other brands as well.

Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil 4 oz comes easy on your pocket if looking at most online stores, thus you will be guaranteed of value for your money. There is also no need to worry about the built up of residue if you use this clipper oil.


Works great if you are an owner of your own hair clippers by reducing friction and giving the glow to your blades.


Need to reapply it after every few haircuts to your hair clipper thus you might have to use it up quickly as well.

3-Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner

best clipper oil

A one stop clipper oil that meets all the needs as far as the care and maintenance of your hair and clipper blades respectively. Indeed, this is a complete package in clipper and trimmer lubrication – it prolongs the life of your hair grooming machine in amazing ways.It is definitely one of the best clipper oil products in the market.

While lubricating, it simultaneously disinfects against any possible infections, cleans away any filth – (the nozzle can spray our hairs off the clipper), cools the blades and prevents corrosion.

A premium spray that comes in a handy 15.5 oz can, you will have it for years before buying the next one thus convenient.

Did I also mention that Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner is the most popular clipper oil? Indeed you can never go wrong with this workhorse that also prevents the possibility of acquiring infections by getting rid of viruses, fungi and bacteria including tuberculoci!

So for an all-purpose clipper oil of premium quality consider buying one.


Multi-purpose clipper oil that cleans, lubricates, disinfects, cools and prevents rust – all in one use.


Tends to be at the higher end of the pricing table as compared to all other products under review here (but it’s worth it though).

4-Andis Clippers Clipper Oil 4 oz

best clipper oil

One of the few types of clipper oil that works universally on most clippers and trimmers. Again, it also comes in the form of a spray so it can penetrate even the hard to reach parts of the clipper blade easily. To add on it does not contain any unpleasant odor and is colorless too!

You will be fascinated by the fact that this is a clipper oil that reduces friction, prevents rust and efficiently lubricated the cutting blade especially for that desired result of a clean cut haircut. It thus greatly reduces wear rejuvenating your clipper or trimmer blades in the process. Ideal for both home and salon use.

If you are looking for subtle clipper oil that even used on delicate clippers – then you have your match. Andis Clippers Clipper Oil 4 oz clipper oil comes at a great price just as its performance. It is also highly durable therefore you can be guaranteed of prolonged use. You will also love the fact that it is not messy too!


Re-sealable bottle that prevents any unnecessary leakages – so you can easily save your clipper oil.


Highly inflammable needs extra care like keeping away from children and potential heat or ignition sources.

Some precautions to take note of when using clipper oil

  • Never over lubricate your hair clippers or trimmers. Over oiling tends to make the blades knock as if they have not been oiled. Just use one drop only!
  • Don’t oil your trimmer or clipper per every use, just make an effort to regularly maintain it using the adequate amount only.
  • Under no circumstances should you substitute your clipper oil with heavy oils like motor oil or vegetable oil. These heat up the blades and this damages your blades.


You can therefore safely choose from the above list that ideal clipper oil that tickles your fancy. However, there are equally merits and demerits for each of the brands mentioned. What is important is that you need a type of clipper oil that does not disappoint and is efficient. The results should be evident on your hair after any other use of the trimmer or clipper.

To this end, we can safely endorse the Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner as the best clipper oil that you can pick on the market today. Being a spray itself, this 5 in one lubricant enjoys rave reviews on most online stores.

This is due to its multi-tasking duties as outlined above. Additionally, it comes with a great scent too in a can that you will be able to easily handle. It has a fair price considering that it comes in a 15.5 oz; thus you will have much!

Therefore, when picking up that perfect clipper oil that works for you, bear in mind that it needs to be good on your pocket but great in service delivery.

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