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Best Beard Oil List

With the advent of the year 2017 and marking again the return of beards as a fashion trend, who can miss out? So now that others have started growing beards while some have kept on their beard which is growing by the day, beard oil needs to be readily available.

Beard is like a baby that you need to properly groom, tame, nourish and keep well hydrated. To this end, beard oil is needed to make this possible. Therefore, for starters, you will know what beard oil is and other related information.

As for the existing beards men, this will be a refresher course!

By looking at which ingredients make up the beard oils, the reasons why you should consider using beard oil, how to use it and giving you the criteria for buying beard oil; this article hopes to be a complete package.

To add on, we made an effort to do product reviews for 8 beard oils for you as well. You may be one of those men who think that beard oil is unnecessary, well consider the upcoming sections. So I am going to be your guide to a happy beard in 2017, so sit back and beard on.

What is Beard Oil and What Is Beard Oil Used For?

Beard oil can be defined as a beard conditioning product that comes in the form of a cosmetic consisting of base oils and essential oils for beard growth and maintenance. Its main use is to cater for both the beard and the skin underneath to keep it smooth and moisturized and beard soft and shiny.

Just as the skin produces natural oils which include sebum, beard oil simulates the same function through its ingredients.

Main Ingredients of Beard Oil

The major beard oils contain a blend of one even more natural oils and/or natural or synthetic scents. These are mostly hair conditioning products that serve the primary purpose of the needed beard growth and grooming generally.

The carrier (base) oils are rich in Vitamin A, D and E and the most commonly available are Jojoba, Coconut, Moroccan Argan oil, Castor oil and Olive oil.

On the other hand, essential oils are the strong oil extracts and/or absolutes; they cannot be directly applied on your beard hence are diluted by the carrier oils. Depending on their use they can be broken down as follows:

Nutrient Rich Essential Oils

– Vitamin E Oil – high in antioxidants, fuels blood circulation and helpful in making the skin supple, conditioned and optimally hydrated.

– Rosehip Seed Oil-softens beard, rich in Vitamin A for beard conditioning and rejuvenating the surrounding skin.

– Carrot Seed Oil – provides beard with moisture, makes it shiny, nourishes with very high levels of Beta Carotene (Vitamin B) as well as Vitamin A and also protects from UV radiation.

Scent producing Essential Oils

– Fir needle Oil – fresh, clean woodsy scent.

– Pine Oil – earthly, freshly cut forest scent.

– Sandalwood Oil – attractive woodsy manly scent.

– Cedar Wood Oil – light pleasant woody scent.

The above mentioned ingredients are for the natural beard oil, however it can be made while blending it with synthetic scents so as to improve the preservation properties as well as enhance the aroma.

Why and How To Use Beard Oil

You can find it useful to know the reasons why you should use beard oil especially if you are one who has little regard of this important beard product. Among other reasons, you need beard oil because:

  • It soothes chapped and irritated skin beneath the beard.
  • Beard oil moisturizes, softens and protects the surrounding skin from properties of aging.
  • Hydrates the skin beneath your beard well especially during the dry seasons in the year.
  • Aids the growth of beard.
  • Nourishes the beard with the needed Vitamins and other nutrients to grow healthy.
  • Makes beard much more manageable – easy to shape, tame and groom.
  • It prevents beard ruff, itching, flacking and unnecessary skin dryness especially during the windy or cold weather.

Now that you are aware of why you must use beard oil, it will be relevant to know how to apply it. The following are the steps that you can follow so as to use beard oil efficiently:

  1. Take your shower or bath as usual or just dampen your beard using warm water.
  2. If the beard is very wet, make sure that you dry off the excess water as the beard needs to be damp not wet.
  3. Pour a few (1 to 3) drops of the beard oils into the palm of your hand using the readily available dropper.
  4. Then using your fingers rub it gently on as well as inside your beard.
  5. When rubbing in the oil, ensure that you evenly spread it and depending on the beard length, apply much more.

For best results use beard oils in the morning after taking a shower or bath as the skin pores as well as hair follicles would have opened for easy absorption of the oil.

Another important point is that, if you live in an area which has often dry or even cold weather conditions, religiously apply beard oil for the sake of your beard’s health.

Criteria For Buying a Beard Oil

Still unsure that you want to buy beard oil? So to help you make that vital decision, we have come up with a list of essential criteria to be on the lookout for when choosing the best beard oil for your convenience:

The length of your own beard

How long your beard does not necessarily determine which and how much beard oil to buy. Generally, the amount of beard oil that you apply on your beard is what varies as it ranges from 1 to 3 drops as per beard length otherwise it is not a hefty difference. Usually, one beard oil size fits all, so do not worry about your beard’s length. What you might need to consider though are the factors below.

The ingredients

A great beard oil consists of a perfectly blended carrier and essential oils. This mixture should have a pleasant, non-irritating scent or no scent at all – it all depends on your preference. Again, the oils making up the ingredients should be able to deal with the needs of your beard whilst not harming your facial skin.

Over and above, you must also consider if it is an all-natural or natural-synthetic blend. This has a great effect on the shelf life as well as how long it will last after opening. For your convenience, the natural blend tends to be a favorite here.

The size of the beard oil bottle

For you to avoid any disappointments when you make that first beard oil purchase I recommend that you must start with a small bottle and see if it’s a perfect fit for you. Only buy as much as you need rather than going for the bigger size that you will have to throw away.

The beard oil brand

For most men, they stick to the established brands that have some form of track history as well as guarantee. You definitely need consistency and premium quality ingredients so do not just be found hopping from one brand to the other. Remember that you are applying this to your face so be safe and consider your health too.

Availability in stock as well as after sales services

An established brand will ease the chances of the product running out of stock and even though sometimes there will be delays – it will not be as frequent as what happens with the newbies.

The beard oil price

Last but not least, the price tag is a very crucial factor when choosing the beard oil that you need. Yes the brand is right, so is the size and ingredients but we all need value for our money. The cost should not compromise the quality – I believe that you all agree

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil


Main Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, Argan seed oil. Evening Primrose seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E

Weight: 3.2oz

Scent: Unscented


For those perfect gentlemen who does not entertain any unpleasant odors and likes to go natural, this beard oil suits. It is a dedicated beard and facial skin conditioner that can get rid of nagging beard issues like beardruff, beard itch as well grooming. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil has not been tested on animals, contains no fillers, additives, fragrances and GMOs.

Many men often face resistance when they decide to grow a beard but if you try this product, it will be instrumental in rekindling the romance in your home as it will soften your beard enough for flawless kissing!

If you want to live your life normally again without beard itching, flakes and beard ruff that also treats split ends, then I highly recommend this product. Also, it is one of the easiest beard oils to use among many brands. A few points can assist you to consider this product:

Key Points

  • Great beard oil for the ideal beard grooming experience generally.
  • Contains no fragrances hence perfect for those who are allergic to certain odors.
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients thus no side effects. Terrific for those with sensitive skin.
  • Enhances beard texture for longer! Anyone can run their fingers through your beard without being prickled!
  • Works well with both damp and dry beard with only a few drops applied!
  • Dries out quickly without giving you a greasy or oily feel to your beard and facial skin.

I guess you all can agree The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is a tremendous beard oil that does its duty pretty well. Though the price is a bit on the high end, it is worth it as you get to experience what is advertised. This is a great beard oil that I highly recommend as a must for those whose skin is oily, sensitive or has past issues of dryness. It will breathe new life into your beard! On top of that, you may consider buying it again and again.

Leven Rose


Main Ingredients: Organic unrefined Moroccan Argan oil, Organic unrefined Jojoba oil

Weight: 2.4oz

Scent: Unscented


If you love a beard oil that will be with you along the way that does not contain a myriad of oils then this one is for you. With only two organic products making up the ingredients of this product, it offers you the needed yet deserved beard management that is exclusive.

Without a litany of ingredients, this beard oil delivers effectively on ending beard ruff and itching even for that type of beard which would no longer hold shape. It sinks deeper into the beard to cater for both the beard and facial skin beneath.

This is a great beard oil that covers any type of beard from a stubble to a grizzly lumberjack – as a beard tonic and thickener. It’s also one of the beard oils that hit the ceiling when it comes to sales on the market.

Key Points

  • A superb beard and facial hair moisturizer that is dedicated to exclusively curb itchiness and beard ruff for any beard size.
  • Contains only two organic oils i.e. Moroccan Argan oil – which is a great moisturizer. Jojoba Oil – mimics the natural oils produced by our own bodies hence fights acne among other uses.
  • Has great shelf life due to its dark amber bottle and dropper for ultimate protection from the damaging UV rays as beard oils are sensitive to light.
  • Vegan-friendly never tested on animals with no other artificial ingredients.
  • Treats even the wildest of beard, the facial skin under the beard and reduces dark spots thus giving you a polished look after using it periodically.

Undoubtedly one of the best beard oils on the market today, this product is a must-buy for those who are beginning the art of beard growing or grooming. Also, those who have been using other products it will be a worthy switch. On top of that, it is easy to use and very durable. You would not want to have a cabinet that does not have such a beard oil, would you?

Honest Amish


Main Ingredients Avocado oil, Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Virgin Argan Oil, Kukui Oil

Weight: 0.3oz

Scent: Clove


The brand Honest Amish is one of the most trusted worldwide when considering beard products. Many of you might have used their balm and other beard care products and equally, you can be satisfied with this one. A well-blended oil that brings together more than 7 all natural and organic oils for a beard oil that are great for the facial skin and beard. Most are hydrating substances that ensure that it is “better than an oil” as their motto goes.

This is a product that is perfect for beard growth, conditioning as it is rich in minerals and Vitamins, antioxidants for beard nourishment. Made by the godfathers in beard care products, you will agree with me that it is a privilege to own one of these. Therefore a few pointers can do you the favor if you are convinced to have it:

 Key Points

  • Has super beard maintenance abilities. It keeps itching and beard ruff at bay while promoting beard growth, moisturize it and make it ready for styling.
  • Smells great. Not only is the smell distinctive that you may not need a cologne, it is not overpowering.
  • Tames unruly beard, making it softer and easy to manage however long or problematic it is.
  • Can be best applied at night just before you sleep to condition your beard and facial skin overnight so that you face the new day with the needed vigor and beard that expresses who you are.
  • Relieves irritation of new growth due to the huge composition of hydrating products which not only provide nutrition but protect your skin as well.
  • Works well with the Honest Amish balm for best results and a beard grooming experience that is unforgettable.

You will definitely be swept away by such a beard oil that receives great reviews online but is made by one of the most trusted beard products companies in the world. Even though some might not like its huge list of ingredients, what matters is the role of each of these is playing to keep your beard healthy, clean and well-groomed while those who you will meet will never want to leave your presence due to its great scent.

Art Naturals


Main Ingredients: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Weight: 2 oz

Scent: Unscented


Art Naturals as their name suggests just took art in nature by simply sticking to 100% natural products. It is a combination of the hardworking Jojoba oil married to its partner in beard care Argan Oil while nourished with Vitamin E. This exotic blend for beard care is one that will see you waving goodbye to acne, arrest beard ruff and remove the aggravating effects of beard itch.

A great facial skin hydrant, this is an oil that is suitable for all skin and hair types. It also reduces tangling at split ends and keeps your hair in tip top condition. What more can you ask for? As an established brand, it needs no rinsing at all and dos not burn as well. Considering this as the type of beard oil for you in 2017? Scan through the following pointers so that you can be part of the beardvolution this year:

Key Points

  • Contains the necessary but few ingredients that address the most common beard problems comprehensively – they soothe, restore and nourish your beard and facial skin.
  • Consists of 100% organic and all natural ingredients that do not have any foul smell.
  • This beard oil provides you with moisture rich beard taming and conditioning to eliminate acne, beard itch and beard ruff.
  • Gives you a professional but sexy look for your beard as it smoothens and smartens your beard and scathe through the impressive ingredient combination.
  • Gentle and safe for all skin types, improves blood circulation hence fostering beard growth.
  • Works wonders with coarse hair to transform it into softer hair within a very short space of time.

This is the type of beard oil that enables you to be the full man again a sit deals away with issues like patchy facial hair or beard, flakiness and dry facial skin. Being a fully natural product, there are no side effects to worry about. However, some feel that it is a bit watery so it might need reapplication later on during the day.

The price may be a little bit on the higher side but considering how effective the oil is, you can part with your dollars peacefully. It is really a huge recommendation for those who like a product that fully addresses most common beard issues.

Duck Butter


Main Ingredients: Almond seed oil, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil

Weight: 1 oz

Scent: 4 different scents


The pleasant scent lovers will find the Duck Butter Beard Oil hard to resist. It comes in four sweet flavors that make the modern urban man distinctive. This is one of those beard oils that can enable you to no longer worry about beard taming and grooming. Your beard will look and feel fabulous after each use as it makes beard smooth and soft however grizzly your beard is.

Being a beard oil that brings back the class in you, it is perfectly priced for a pack of four. While providing you with their prized fragrance, these beard oils also nourish your beard as they are rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants.

A great buy considering that you spend less in purchasing four different flavored oils at one go, saving you time and ensuring that you do not run out of beard oil supplies. Therefore, taking a look at the following might as well be crucial in your quest for the best beard oil in 2017:

Key Points

  • Great bargain as the oils come in a pack of 4 different flavors for your convenience.
  • Loaded with some of the most exquisite scents for the urban male who is on the go or professional.
  • Works wonders in beard nutrition through a rich supply of Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and fatty oils.
  • Does not come with a dropper so you might consider applying it as carefully as possible.
  • Designed to promote skin health, the beard oil forms a suitable base for optimum beard growth and survival.

If you desire that beard oil that gives you the urban feel and scent whilst simultaneously nourishing your beard and surrounding skin then it is an ideal choice. To add on, for a pack of four, you will spend a decent amount of money. Surely, you would not want to be left out of the picture in being a modern beards men. If so grab this beard oil today, smell and feel the difference.

Natural Men Bay Lime


Main Ingredients: Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, Organic Lime Oil, West Indian Bay, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Weight: 4 oz

Scent: Woodsy


With this beard oil, you will furnish yourself with a beard oil that fosters growth, nourishes and cleans both beard and facial skin. To add on it comes in 4 oz thus a huge investment especially if you have that thick beard and might need to apply as much oil as you want.

As a great product that is made up of natural products that are known to take care of your beard and skin, it does not leave you unhappy. So you may look at the key features of the beard oil below for reference and consideration:

Key Points

  • More than twice the amount of other beard oils being reviewed here.
  • Tends to strengthen the beard starting from the source – the hair root nourishes it and rejuvenates the hair follicles.
  • Growth oriented beard oil that also softens, cleans and moisturizes beard and facial skin.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to boost the overall health of your facial skin and keep it clear as well.
  • Keeps your beard soft and manageable by its ability to tame wild growing beard and
  • Comes with a spray so as to enable you to smoothly apply the oil to your palms and any excess oil can be put on the scalp.

This is a type of beard oil that is there to simply deliver as it is designed to soften your skin while keeping your beard smooth, shiny, and well groomed. This is beard oil that reduces chances of having dry skin, flaking, and itching. It is also great for deeply conditioning and protecting your beard as per your need.

Even though it scores below other oils as shown by the popularity, it still remains a worthwhile purchase if you desire a good bottle of beard oil. Maybe many consider it as too much oil as compared other oils – however, this cannot be a major hindrance for those with the needy beard. Thus you can freely purchase it if it suits your fancy. Just spray, groom your beard and live your life.

Prophet and Tools


Main Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil, Chamomile Oil

Weight: 1 oz

Scent: Unscented


This is a new product on the market but still, has some unbelievable reputation as a great product. It softens, soothes and hydrates the skin and beard so as to enable your beard to feel and look good again.

As part of the product kit, it comes with two freebies in the form of a beard comb and beard care guide. It really is having positive reviews as well on online platforms though yet to be fully established on the market.

A product that has great potential to overtake some household names, it is full of surprises for a newcomer. It is really a huge recommendation for those who are still newbies as well even for the existing beard grooming enthusiasts who want to try something new. However, take a look at the following before committing to this oil:

Key Points

  • A comprehensive beard oil that shows a blend of a few hardworking oils nourished by Vitamin E shows in depth research by the manufacturers to care for your beard while beautifying it.
  • Strengthens the beard hair follicles for prolonged existence and absorbs quickly into your beard.
  • Prophet and Tools beard oil soothes and tames any form of beastly beard to put it back to shape while providing hydration to the facial skin preventing itchiness and beard ruff too.
  • It has a 100% money back guarantee in case of any complaints, which so far are rare thus it is a high-quality beard oil.
  • Comes with an additional beard comb and hair care guide just for you!

A premium quality beard oil that enjoys superb feedback as it has 97% of its rating on certain online platforms is on the 4 and 5-star range. Customers can’t be wrong on its prowess. The satisfied customer base is growing by the day. I too highly recommend you to consider this hard working product, what more would you want as the freebies that come with it are helpful on the go and give you more insight on beard care with diagrams too! You cannot afford not to be part of this fantastic beard oil community.

Smooth Viking


Main Ingredients: Olive Oil, Carthamus Safflower seed oil, Castor seed oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Fragrance, Vitamin E acetate

Weight: 2 oz

Scent: Cedar


A high-quality beard oil from the home of superior quality beard care products and their balm is one of the best on the market. This is a type of beard oil that can cover the gap of where a beard brush or comb cannot reach. However beastly the beard, this oil can stand against such and deliver outstanding results.

It also promotes beard growth, keeps your skin healthy and beard feeling the best. It is reputable for its quick action in eradicating beard itching and beard ruff by just one application, you are good to go!

As a well-positioned product on the market, you can never go wrong with it as it comes at a great price too. Considering it a worthy beard oil to buy? Then scan through the key points below:

Key Points

  • Ideal for smooth and manageable beard, with no greasy results.
  • Helps keep your beard soft – even when it used to be stiff and brittle before.
  • Contains an array of 100% natural products that are essential for the growth, nutrition, and management of your beard.
  • It is easy for you to use and changes the way you care for your beard as it delivers within a short period of time.
  • For the best beard growth, health and care – this product penetrates deep into the beard hair root up to the tip for that desired result.
  • Brings out the natural sheen in beard for that manly scent and look.

You can never go wrong with this established beard oil from a reputable beard care company. This is not only essential in beard care but in its overall grooming as well. It is guaranteed to provide you with a perfect set of beard that you will live to cherish. We highly give our thumbs up to this superb product that can enable to bring back the man in you.


It will be unfair to say that this article did not provide you with that solution to your desired beard oil. Out of a list of 8 such dedicated beard oils one can only come up with his pick. By considering several factors such as the quality of the beard oil, its nutrients/ingredients content, performance, price and popularity on peer review sites we made up our mind.

Even though all the oils mentioned have distinct qualities and attributes, our best beard oil for the year 2017 can be Prophet and Tools, yes you guessed right! This indeed was a tough choice to make but this is an oil that despite a few years on the market it’s enjoying rave reviews. Its strengths include: it quickly soaks into your beard, can be used anytime and is made using premium quality products.  Additionally, none of its ingredients are from animals or contain artificial products – it is 100% natural! As for the price; it is worth it as it comes in a 1 oz bottle that comes with a free beard comb and hair care guide too conveniently for you. You can never ask for so much more from the best 2017 brand!

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