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There are many different aspects of beard care and proper beard grooming. If you want your beard to look and feel the best, you’re going to want to make sure it’s properly groomed in every way possible.In order do that, best beard comb is definitely required.

Practices such as beard oil application are common when it comes to taking care of your beard. Some things, however, can be missed, especially if you have a longer beard. Combing your beard can make a huge difference in the way your beard or mustache looks, especially if you have longer amounts of facial hair.

Ultimately, combing your beard properly can make a huge aesthetic difference when it comes to the look of your facial hair. Combing can take the scruffy look away from your beard, regardless of how well it’s actually taken care of.

No matter how you put it, properly combing your beard is super important if you care about the look of your beard. Since this practice is so important, it’s important that you’re equipped with the best beard comb to suit the needs of your beard.

Below, we’ll first look at proper beard combing procedures. We’ll then take a look at four phenomenal beard combs that will surely suit the needs of any beard combing that comes their way. Here’s a look at the procedures of beard combing followed by the four best beard combs for both your beard and your face!

How to Properly Comb Your Beard

There is a simple, three-step process when it comes to combing your beard in the best way.

First, you’re going to want to choose the right time of day. Ideally, you’re going to want to comb your beard immediately after you apply a moisturizer, such as beard oil.

This will not only make the process of combing smoother, but there will be a higher concentration of natural beard oil present which will reduce potential irritation that may occur due to the teeth of the comb grazing your bare skin.

You shouldn’t comb your beard after you shower. There is a futile amount of oil present in your beard meaning that the comb will be likely to pull hairs out of your beard and get tangled. This can be a painful experience for both your face and beard.

It can also cause damaging aesthetic effects if you keep doing it. After you’ve established the perfect time of day for you to comb your beard, it’s important that you have the tools to properly comb it.

We’re going to go more in depth regarding the best types of tools for your beard below, but it’s important to know a couple things.

First, a conventional hair comb isn’t the way to go. This may seem like a convenient way to comb your beard, but this simply isn’t the case. You’re going to want a comb that has teeth and spacing relative to the density and size of your beard.

You’re also going to want a beard that isn’t plastic. Plastic combs muster up a ton of friction and can cause an electrical current to form upon contact with beards. This can result in hairs being pulled out and becoming tangled in your comb’s teeth.

Finally, let’s take a look at the specific procedure! First, it’s never good to go quickly. If you go at a moderate to slow pace you’ll get the greatest results! Comb from top to bottom, being sure to untangle any knots that may get in the way.

You’ll want to do this as slow as you can. After moving from top to bottom, move from the side to the center. Try and move your comb from the wider parts of its teeth to the narrower parts.

You’ve now gotten a look at the steps you have to take to properly comb your beard! Now, let’s take a look at the gear that will keep your beard from looking scraggly. Here’s a look at the four best beard combs!

Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve

Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve is a great choice for men who are starting to get into the world of beard grooming. Out of all the beard combs on the list, this may be the best beard comb for its price. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer!

First and foremost, the Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve offers a great set of supplemental accessories and additional items upon purchase, especially in comparison to other beard combs on the market.

If you’re a guy that likes a case and other cool stuff with your comb, this is the best beard comb for you. The box that this beard comb ships in is even well-crafted.

You’ll surely feel the quality as soon as you lift it out of the box! The comb comes with a well-designed leather sleeve. You’ll be able to store your beard comb in style to be used at your leisure! Don’t just shove this high-quality comb in a bathroom bag or a drawer, it deserves better than that.

The leather case will surely give it the protection and durability it needs. On the topic of durability, this beard comb is constructed with sandalwood.

Forget buying a cheap plastic comb that’s sure to be static and flimsy. The Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve will surely comb your hair and last you a very long time.

There is absolutely no static to be found! In addition to the sandalwood giving durability to the comb, it also provides it with a rich scent that’s reminiscent of stepping into a wood working shop. The comb is also extremely comfortable.

You might have to carry it in your pocket when you go out for the day or go to work; it’s almost like a miniature facial massage! The design of the comb is quite pleasant, as well. It’s got two sets of teeth, a wide set and a thin set. Both vary in use, but you know the rest!

Some people report that this comb can feel rather uneven.

If this is the case, a good sanding can do the trick! I don’t, however, advise you do this unless you know what you’re doing.

There are also reports of the box on some occasions not containing the leather sleeve that’s supposed to shelter the beard comb.

Overall, the Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve is a great and low-cost choice for those looking to purchase a good quality beard comb.

As far as beard combs go, the Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve might be the best beard comb combination kit for the value.

It’s crafted from high-quality material, smells and feels great, and comes with a neat leather sleeve. If you purchase this comb you’ll surely have a long-lasting and durable tool for your beard!

Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Get ready to witness the best beard comb kit packaged in the best box! The Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company is the complete package. It’s loaded with high-quality features sure to meet the needs of the pickiest of beard-donners. Let’s take a look at why this beard comb kit may beat other

Let’s take a look at why this beard comb kit may beat other beard combs on the market!

Tidy your hair with this phenomenal hair comb. Say goodbye to static and tangled hair! The Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company will surely handle anything your beard throws at it. It has a list of phenomenal features, starting with its construction.

Like other beard combs, it’s made with sandalwood. Sandalwood is the best material for beard combs due to the nature of the comb to not conduct electricity or charge from beard hair. This means that you won’t get your hair tangled or pulled.

Say hello to a painless beard combing experience! The next thing that’s so great about this beard comb is the finish. It’s mouth-watering, to say the least. The dual-sided comb is magnificently accented by a rich brown maple color that’s as sweet as syrup itself.

All of this is capped off by a simple yet elegant case which displays the beard comb in a brilliant fashion. The box itself is nothing to write home about, but it’s still packaged really well and made of sturdy material.

As far as the usage of the Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company goes, you’ll find that the way the wood is cut makes for an extremely gentle combing operation.

Say goodbye to the days of scratchy shaving! As far as the pros go, the Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company is well built, well designed, gentle, and great looking.

What more could you ask for in a beard comb that’s less than $20! The comb is also very well packaged. That’s an understatement.

There are a few things to point out that picky beard groomers must see! First, the teeth on each side of the comb are the same size. The length between the teeth is similar but the length of each actual tooth is the same.

Don’t expect to get too fancy if you have a beard that’s shorter or longer than the length of the comb teeth! When we’re talking about the best beard comb, we’re talking about a comb that’s great for both beard and mustache.

The size and length of the teeth make mustache grooming quite difficult unless you simply comb from top to bottom. Beard combs need to offer to groom diversity and the length of the Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company doesn’t leave room for much.

Apart from similar lengths of teeth on both sides, the Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company is still a phenomenal beard comb, especially with respect to its value and construction.

You’ll get a high-quality beard comb that will surely last a while, especially with its solid construction.

The Beard Comb by Rocky Mountain Barber Company is certainly the best beard comb for any beard fanatic who’s looking to get a long-lasting product for a great price!

EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb

It’s for guys who lead a busy lifestyle. If you’re growing a beard but worried about your ability to properly maintain it due to your schedule, say hello to the EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb! It’s made to fit in your pocket, a definite advantage over other

It’s made to fit in your pocket, a definite advantage over other beard combs. Here’s a look at some more reasons why this beard comb is so great!

The EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb is, like other combs, made of sandalwood. As far as the material, however, it’s slightly different.

The tint is green, making for a unique color choice different than typical combs on the market. It’s the best beard comb for a man who’s concerned about quality; the sandalwood will vary in tint because of how raw and unrefined the wood is.

That’s quality!

You’ll find that the comb won’t snag, under any circumstances. It’s also delightfully small and portable!

You’ll be able to fit the entire comb in your back pocket, adding to the convenience of the comb. It’s both versatile and portable! The EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb is the best beard comb for all-around use.

The scent of the comb is also quite pleasing; you’ll be able to immediately smell the authenticity of the comb! Treat your beard to something better than plastic; the absence of static will make for a painless, tangle free experience!

Don’t settle for less – the EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb is the way to go!

However, the smell can be a little overwhelming to those who don’t take well to strong scents. If you don’t like the smell of fresh wood, this comb isn’t for you!

Also, you’re going to want to be aware of the effect certain types of beard balms can have on the color of the EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb.

Some forms of balm can actually turn the wood of the comb a dark green color. Although it’s already tinted slightly green in some cases, this can greatly impact the overall appeal of the comb. On the topic of scent again, this beard comb’s scent is so strong that it may stay on your beard if you use it frequently enough. Be aware of this!

Overall, the EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb is a great beard comb for the price.

You’ll certainly get a clean, portable, and hand-crafted comb that will gracefully and smoothly comb every piece of beard hair you have on your face.

The EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Comb is a great choice for those on a budget. It’s also extremely portable! Look to this comb to keep your beard well-groomed, even if your beard is extremely thick!

GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men

Why spend money on a beard comb that’s twenty dollars when you can get a complete kit, including a brush, for less than that!

The GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men has all the bells and whistles of a grooming set for a super valuable price!

It’s the best beard comb set for men who want a little more for their money. Let’s take a look at why this set is better than grooming combs!

Pros: An obvious pro of this great beard comb set is the fact that it comes with multiple items. The items included in this set are a beard comb, a beard brush, and a great cotton travel bag.

All of this makes your life easier as you try and grow or maintain your beard. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this set, don’t worry – the company will give you your money back!

That’s how confident they are that this product is the best beard comb set on the market. The beard comb itself is quite sturdy. Although it doesn’t offer much for those with smaller or thinner beards, the beard brush will certainly be more than enough to compensate.

It’s made of sturdy boar hair bristle. Don’t get it wet! You’ll be able to scrub your beard with the softest yet most effective type of material on the market today. All in all, this set is the best beard comb set for the price. It provides great quality materials that are sure to last a very long time.

Even if you’re clumsy, this comb and brush set will surely stand up to any contact or drop it endures. Out of all of the comb sets, this set is a must-buy!

Although the set is quite highly touted, especially for its price, there have been reports of bristles falling out of the brush.

Keep your eyes on this! On top of the bristles sometimes falling out, they are also quite soft. They’re ideal for those who are just starting beard growth.

They aren’t, however, ideal for those with larger beards. If you’re going to use the beard brush, make sure you use an adequate amount of beard oil before hand!

Although the bristles of the brush are soft and have a tendency to fall loose, the GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men is the best beard comb set for the price.

You’ll get flawless performance from the comb and adequate performance from the brush. At less than $20, you won’t get the best materials.

You will, however, get great performance that will surely be long lasting! The GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men is a great set of beard grooming products!


Beard grooming is an essential part of growing and keeping a healthy beard.

There are a few things that go into grooming, and they aren’t just related to washing! You’re going to want to pay attention to how you brush, and more importantly, comb your beard. A good beard comb is often made up of a strong, durable and natural material.

It’s not made of plastic since plastic attracts a charge and can cause hairs to tangle in the comb. Most good combs are made from sandalwood. This is a natural and non-charged material that is ideal for the durability and performance of a beard comb. Some are made of other woods, as well.

A good beard comb will usually be two-sided as well. Most will have a fine toothed side and a broad toothed side. Many have similar lengths on both sides.

The best of the combs, however, have differing lengths of teeth on each side, ideal for those with varying types and lengths of beards. Some beard combs come with other features, and some don’t; it ultimately depends on the kit and the price.

All in all, the four aforementioned beard combs are high quality and have all of the features that make a comb great. They’re durable, built to last, and are flexible as far as beard styling goes.

You’ll be sure to get many years of service from them, no matter what direction you decide to take your beard in!

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