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10 Best Biotin for Hair And Beard Growth

Biotin, the wonder laced member of the Vitamin B family of essential vitamins is definitely the ingredient that you need if you are facing problems with hair loss or baldness. Thanks to its discovery which took approximately forty years for it to get the Vitamin tag – patience indeed paid! Everything you need to know about Biotin is here in ‘best biotin for beard growth review’.

The essential vitamin for hair growth has been christened in various ways as some call it Vitamin B7, others Vitamin H or even Coenzyme R. What’s in a name? It has been famed for its major functions like the acceleration of cell growth (hair in this case), aids the production of fatty acids and generally in the metabolism of protein into amino acids.

To date most cosmetics and health products for the skin contain Biotin. Accordingly, by being able to deal with the transfer of carbon dioxide and maintenance of the blood sugar level, it can blend easily into your body system. Such is the nature of this vitamin such that a lot of products have been formulated to coopt it.

By being a heavy duty vitamin, Biotin has enabled lots of men and even women to put back smiles on their faces due to its dedicated performance. Product reviews are full proof as to how this wonder vitamin has been beneficial in transforming people’s lives. As such this article will be looking at 10 of the best Biotin products for hair growth that you must try.

Coming up with this list was never an easy task but we tried to take a look from experience as well as various product reviews so as to come up with the final list. However, this article will not just have that list but will also explore Biotin deficiency, the various reasons why we need Biotin and any other related issues.

What Is Biotin Deficiency and It’s Effects?

Lack of Biotin is a nutritional disorder that is not only rare but can be fatal if left untreated. It is a condition that cuts across people of any gender, race, ethnicity or age. Some of the causes of Biotin deficiency include:

  • Severe malnourishment especially protein deficiency
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Prolonged intake of oral antibiotics
  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy( in women)
  • Genetic mutation

Some of the effects of the lack of biotin in the human body can be noted as:

  • Hair loss
  • Dermatitis
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Brittle fingernails which are also thin
  • Conjunctivitis

How do I Choose the Best Biotin Hair Growth Product?

In order to deal effectively with hair loss, you need to take into consideration a certain set of factors. By making a decision to make use of biotin hair growth products, you must ensure that you have adequate knowledge. Know the ingredients, their properties and check if they are natural as well as how much it takes to get the see some of the best result first.

Research has proven that if you do not have the adequate amounts of biotin then you are most likely to suffer from hair loss. So for some of you who might be beginning to witness hair loss or hair fall, maybe you might be having biotin deficiency. The bottom line is that when you buy hair growth products, you simply need to have biotin as part of the ingredients.

For you to choose the best Biotin hair growth product, the following factors:


It is crucial to get value for your money hence what you need is just a product that offers what you need. Hence, you should opt for the product that will offer you with more biotin at an equal price just as other related products. If other brands are offering a few capsules of biotin and the product you want has more but still lying in the same range as far as price is concerned – simply go for the product with more!

Positive Ratings

As one browses through the internet pages, you tend to notice a number of online platforms for review and rankings of products. Therefore if you find out that the product that you are aiming for fits into the upper ranking side on the ratings and has much more positive reviews then go for it. As globally people are now using such platform to buy and sell goods – meticulously take advantage of such reviews and make your choice.

Natural Ingredients

The hair growth product containing biotin has to be combined with some natural ingredients for best results and for your own information this is what you ought to choose. It has to be free from any artificial preservatives, needs not to have any Genetically Modified Organisms or even gluten.

High Quality

Do not just go for the lowest priced product when looking for hair growth products. It might not work as you desire. Sometimes the cheaper the poor the ingredients which may also be artificial too posing tremendous damage to your hair, the scalp subsequently triggering hair loss. Never buy it just because it’s a bargain!

Bear in mind that if you follow such steps religiously then you might not be really disappointed the next time you purchase a hair growth product. Use your money carefully and avoid any traps that might lure you but providing lethal consequences. Hair loss can be dealt with effectively if due care is taken. Therefore it is important to avoid any loss of money, energy as well as more hair by simply following the crowd through impulse buying. Take your time!

Why then do Most Biotin Products seem to not work?

Even though Biotin has a backing of credible scientific research that it can really help in hair growth a few hiccups can be noticed. Though, in some instances the hair growth products tend not to work some of the most common reasons that have been given of late include:

The amount of biotin found in each capsule is not enough.

According to set and agreeable standards, 5,000 to 10,000 mcg of Biotin should be present in a capsule of this hair growth product. If it contains much lower amounts then it is ineffective just as when it exceeds this range the more it may not fully deliver.

You are maybe allergic to other ingredients.

If the hair growth product contains other ingredients apart form Biotin that may be allergens to other individuals, its usefulness can be highly compromised. Though these ingredients aid Biotin to work much more effectively to grow your hair, they may as well woo you away.

The product’s cheap price may sacrifice its quality.

The product’s price is also another crucial determinant of its efficacy; when it is very cheap maybe it is also of low quality.

What Should An Effective Biotin Hair Growth Product Contain?

  • Generally, the adequate amount of Biotin per capsule of 10 000 mcg is a must in products for hair growth. With the right amount, you get the right results of faster hair growth.
  • It is crucial for Biotin products to be blended with natural ingredients in the form of plant or herbal extracts. Additionally, if other minerals and vitamins are also present, the product will deliver pretty well in hair growth.
  • The product should be safe for use for people with diabetes or other clinical medical conditions. No unnecessary sweeteners or ingredients should be added.

Now here is the full list of 10 of the best Biotin products for hair growth that are worth trying out and might bring in the desired results for your convenience:


This biotin for beard growth is one of the affordable Biotin supplement available on the market. Natrol Biotin is ideal for people who want to regrow their hair especially after suffering from Alopecia or hair loss. It also works wonders for those who desire to have stronger nails as well as energy level boost.


This is a brand made by a reputable manufacturer for over three decades. Sports Research High Potency Biotin is specially developed for those who need to enhance the growth of their hair and give them strong nails. This Vitamin B7 vegetarian soft gel capsule package has 20 pieces containing 5mg each. It also boasts of all-natural ingredients without any preservatives, gluten or GMOs.


If you are looking for a great source of Biotin packaged in soft gel capsules, you might consider this product as your perfect choice. With a bottle that has a capacity of holding 200 capsules with a dosage of 10 mg. one can indeed get value for money if comparing this supplements with similar products as you get a bargain of 80 more capsules at a lesser price if you purchase two bottles.


A hair rejuvenating supplement that provides both the needed vitamins for hair nutrition encouraging growth including Biotin and simultaneously barring DHT – the hair loss promotion hormone. Containing 60 capsules with 5 mg of Biotin each, your hair follicles on the scalp can gladly grow new hair.


This is the most affordable Biotin supplement on this list though of supreme quality. Each bottle has 120 capsules, natural ingredients which are vegetable capsules. NOW Foods Biotin is thus a capable product for those who prefer the natural way in growing hair.


The brand is most notable for the manufacture of quality multivitamins and minerals and thus it will not disappoint as a new entrant in the Biotin supplements manufacture. Each bottle of this biotin for beard growth product comes with 120 soft gel capsules and containing a Biotin dosage of 5mg.


Amazing is one of the best biotin for beard growth product that enjoys high ranking perfect reviews on most online platforms; it comes packed with 200 capsules at an amazingly affordable price.


A well renowned manufacturer of food supplements, Island’s Miracle has this high quality biotin for beard growth product containing Biotin and other vital vitamins. As a dedicated hair growth supplement, it contains 120 capsules that stand at the optimum 10mg dosage value. It thus guarantees a very fast rate of hair growth.



Dr. TOBIAS Optimum Phytoceramides is a richly packed Biotin supplement and is one of a kind. The amazing thing about this hair growth Biotin product that you ought to try is that it is also packaged with all the nutrients mentioned on its rather long name and more.

With an array of other essential ingredients that boost Biotin activity such as Vitamins A, C, D and E, it blends well for that perfect hair growth rate. To add on, it contains the named nutrients such as as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Silica which are all but useful to the body’s functions apart from the growth of hair.

One can be able to make use of this Biotin supplement for at least 2 months per bottle of 60 capsules by just consuming one capsule per day.



As mentioned above on what makes an effective Biotin hair growth product, Omegaboost comes in on the list as that relevant remedy for the growth of hair. By being an allergen free hair growing product, lack of sweeteners and preservatives, no gluten or GMO products – it becomes the ultimate hair growth product for any potential user. To add on it is a great option for people with diabetes who have a wide range of restrictions on their diet. However, the product does not come cheap as compared to similar Biotin supplements consisting of 120 capsules capped at the 5mg dosage tag.

So in a nutshell, make sure that when you go for these Biotin products you make a well-balanced food meal plan for these to be effective enough. Otherwise go on and enjoy the growth of hair and beat baldness or hair loss with no fear whatsoever!


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